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Most people who know me know I’m in a band. As this blog is designed for small business owners I’ll assume you don’t yet know me so let me tell you- I’m in a band. Our band leader realized the other day that I do marketing for a living and we began to discuss a social strategy for the band’s upcoming saleables (shirts, CDs).

Well, the singer went off, ran a facebook advertising campaign because of how much I talked about them, and came back this week telling me: It didn’t work.

To which I replied, without thought, “You did it wrong.”

How did I know this? Because Facebook Advertising is as easy to screw up as it is effective, which is “very” in both cases. So in case you were wondering about how to approach a Facebook campaign…

Start with a goal. The goal can be anything trackable, but it must be trackable. The most easy thing to track is the number of “likes” your page has, some other things to think about however include page activity, comments, interactions and of course website / page hits generated from facebook.

Next decide what type of reach your advertisement needs to accomplish the goal you’ve chosen. For example, if you want 10,000 new fans then you’ll probably not reach your goal if you target 10,000 people unless you have the best ad copy ever written and the most focused target audience of all time. ¬†If you experience average results and your goal is 10,000 new fans then you might want to target a million people, or ten million people.

Also, choose your interest targeting carefully. The benefit of social media is hyper-accurate-targeting, and just like on Google you’ll find a lot of competition for common terms. Don’t just think about your product but think about the content of your advertisement. For example if you’re selling makeup and your¬†advertisement focuses on how the product can make someone look younger- don’t just target people who like “make up” or “fashion”. Target people who like “Recess” and “kickball” and other “youth” oriented things as your ad text will resonate with them.

The worst, and most expensive, thing you can do is expect it all to happen “right now” and your add to run itself. If you run a 1 day add with a high budget and don’t even look at your Insights, you’re going to over pay for your ad. The longer you run an ad and the better it performs the lower CPC you’ll get. And to know how well its doing you’ll need to run two ads to test out different text, images, and targeted users to see which works better.

Just think, if you run an add for two weeks and you get 500 clicks and that meets your goal you’ll be happy. But what if you could have had 2,000 clicks if you had a better advertisement? So choose one ad as your “control” ad, and another ad as your “test” ad and try out different things with the test ad over two weeks, see which works better. If your test ad starts doing well, make it your primary ad and start testing again.

Also don’t forget to adjust your ad bid, or how much you’re paying per click. If you are paying 50 cents a click, and you could be paying 30 cents, or even 3 cents- wouldn’t you want to know? Pay attention to your ad account. Every day.

The best part about facebook ads is the new “likes” and clicks they drive without you actually paying for it- its the “friends of friends” effect. When someone sees their buddy just “liked” your page, they’ll be inclined to check it out as well!

There are other things you can do- and the next blog will talk about Facebook Landing Pages (well worn territory) but I’ll do my best to make it very easy for you.