Guest Post: Thoughts on #1kaday (via Making ‘Baby Grand,’ the Novel) Sunday, May 22 2011 

I drop in on Making the Baby Grand to share how Dina’s 1KaDay challenge factors into my life as a writer.

Guest Post: Thoughts on #1kaday This is the first of several guest posts from my #1kaday comrades. As most of you know, a bunch of us have been engaging in a 1,000 words as day, or #1kaday, writing regimen since April 1. I plan on finishing the first draft of my second novel by then, but all of us are working on all kinds of things at all different stages. My first guest blogger is Michael Pallante. better known to us Twitter folk as @M_Pallante. As a writer, I have a lot of pe … Read More

via Making ‘Baby Grand,’ the Novel


The So What Test Guest Post by M. Pallante (via Haley is Soldiering through the Writing World  ) Sunday, May 22 2011 

Haley was kind enough to invite me into her blog! I discuss the importance of trimming the fat in fiction! Cheers.

Today I am going to a workshop on writing for young adults. My friend M. Palelante, journalist turned fiction writer, was kind enough to write a guest post for me. I hope you enjoy it. (This is a milestone. It is my first guest post by a friend I met on Twitter) I know I can relate to his delete key issue! It is so hard to cut prose! I did it again. Used my damned “delete” key and sent about 900 words to the abyss. And they weren’t just any words … Read More

via Haley is Soldiering through the Writing World