Sorry for the personal post.  Back to news and such soon.

I stopped suggesting friends on twitter. Part of this is because of my own dislike at being suggested. Yes! The people who put their name on the line by dropping mine mean only the best, and I appreciate that. But I’m often tagged with, “A great writer!” And honestly I doubt these people are reading my articles. I may be a great writer I may be a hack- the fact is I’m currently unpublished in the world of fiction. It all just funnels into the twitter trap: the illusion of networking.

Writers! You spend so much of your time networking with other writers. Which is awesome. You open yourself up to new stories, tips and most importantly…. emotional support. But your 1000+ list of followers are mostly authors as well. You’re in a safety net where no one will say anything bad to you because its bad form. No one will say, “I didn’t like this book at all.” because they don’t want to get caught “talking smack” and get blackballed.

It’ll wapr your perspective on the market and what a successful campaign is! If your blog gets 300 hits, all writers, that’s fine and good but… What about readers? Are you reaching the vast majority of readers and kindle owners who AREN’T authors? We’re not selling wrapping paper to our friend’s parents to fund a school trip. We’re trying to build careers and a readership.

Get out of your comfort zone. Meet people who don’t know what the hell a word count is. Market to people who aren’t too busy with their own novel outline to read your book. Too much back slapping is bad for you. You’ll stagnate otherwise. I’ve seen it happen in music. People market like mad to music niche forums. You know who goes to those forums? Other bands. Musicians, and writers, are notoriously poor mofos who can’t spare a dime for your album / book but hay- check out their latest release!

Meanwhile several thousand music listeners hang out at the bars talking fashion while they ignore the DJ. Meanwhile the receptionist at the dentist takes the train home and reads her kindle, doesn’t even have a twitter, and never even thought about writing in her life. How on earth would she find out about your latest vampire romance with a sci-fi young-adult twist? Sure, she’s reading Twilight but… Well you get the picture.

Are you really networking or are people just adding you back to up their own friend count and increase their own impressions per post? Is that really going to spread your book to the niche it needs?