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So I finally took over the company twitter as is my job (@questional, btw). Yesterday we set a record for unique user traffic. Lets take a look at why…

It started with the WWDC, Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Confrence, where Steve Jobs dropped a bomb on every iGeek in the world with Apple’s iOS5 and iCloud demos. Though the products won’t be out until fall everyone wanted to know the following: What’s new in Apple’s iOS5 and what is iCloud? (See below)

So we had a moment in time where we knew certain search strings would be prevalent- finding those strings, incidentally, is an art unto itself. But we took advantage of the news, fast tracked an article that provided A: The content people wanted. B: Question’s about that content (our product is asking questions about breaking stories) and C: optimized SEO.

We followed that up with good keyword tagging and then our twitter assault. I posted the article twice that day and in between posts held several, simple, conversations and retweeted other blogger’s articles (mostly about the goings on at E3).

Compound that with a bit of media (Nintendo announced the curiously tittled Wii U handheld)- I mocked up some goofy images of the Wii + a Ewe = The Wii U. Hay- it entertained people. I posted our own links again and hit up a few #E3 attendants who were making insightful posts.

So we had a 3 fold campaign for a single high traffic day:

Good content with optimized SEO.

Conversations on social media to legitimize our link sharing.

Original media associated with the top stories of the day.

So that’s how a sci-tech blog uses the Internet and social media.

Questions? I’m here to answer. @M_Pallante