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In part two of The Dark Matter Universe we explore the actual nature of dark worlds and why they may exist. Take a leap down the rabbit hole into the world of baryons, quarks, particles and the invisible dark forces which could be shaping worlds right next to our own.  Read more on Questional.com

Dark Matter Universe Part 1 explained the origins of theoretical Dark Matter. Fritz Zwicky, while observing effects of mass in galaxy clusters, was puzzled by the lack of light to the mass observed. Because there appeared to be more mass than the light to mass ratio expected, this inferred the existence of lightness or “dark” matter.”
A theoretical particle called a WIMP (Weakly Interacting Massive Particle) that carry great mass but do not interact with the strong atomic force or electromagnetism seem a likely candidate for dark matter. So far no observations suggest dark matter does anything but clump together forming gravitational mass; however, bold new theories suggest possible dark matter worlds coexisting with our own.